Your Life, in Your Hands
Keep all your medical information in a single, secure place with LiveTwice, accessible 24/7.

Maintain your complete personal health record with LiveTwice

Add all your info from birth - immunisations, hospitalisations, childhood and important life events and more.

An accurate, complete health record is vital no matter how old you are - a health problem can rear its head at any age.

Share your profile with friends and family, and vice versa, and make the circle of caring bigger.
LiveTwice - for Life


Enter your allergies and/or adverse reactions, from mild to severe.


Keep track of your past and present medications, along with dosing schedule for each.


From Aneurysms to Yellow Fever and anything noteworthy in-between.


Document your medical procedures whether a dental appointment or heart operation.


Receiving a vaccination twice unnecessarily is not ideal, but avoidable.

Life Events

Car accident? Divorce? Incorrect diagnosis or treatment? Record everything that has affected you.

Identification Info

Tell first responders how they can identify you in an emergency.

Insurance Information

Add your medical aid information, gap cover provider, doctor details, organ donor status and more.

Life Events

Enter anything of note that you think someone viewing your profile should know.

Emergency Contacts

Provide a list of people to call should you be unable to communicate.


Sharing your profile with trusted friends and family is caring.

File Storage

Upload your pathology or diagnostic images, hospital bills and other important documentation.

COVID-19 Ready
Add your COVID-19 status, symptoms, hospitalisation, isolation and antibody testing.

What is LiveTwice?

LiveTwice is a cloud-based electronic health record that provides essential medical information in the event of a medical emergency. Your emergency contacts, phone numbers of relatives and friends, blood type, allergies, conditions, organ donor membership, epilepsy & diabetes status and much more.

Our Mission

We aim, amongst other things, to reduce - if not eliminate - the statistic of people receiving incorrect medical treatment. Keeping your information up to date is not only crucial for your own survival and well-being, but easy with LiveTwice.

What we're Doing

Our goal is to not only help people of all ages get through an emergency, but also give them control over their own well-being and medical records. Times are changing, and maintaining a complete electronic health record is more important than ever before.

3,500,000 South Africans seek medical attention for injury or trauma every year
9,600+ are treated for trauma every day around the country
1,200+ will be treated incorrectly due to lack of medical information

LiveTwice works across all platforms - no app necessary

Yes, yes, we know...
Our health isn't something we pay much attention to every day; most of us, at least. If we feel good, why worry? We're healthy and the chances that something will go wrong are tiny, it's something that happens to other people. This can unfortunately change completely in a split-second - what happens then?
Do you know your blood type?
Who knows your medical information?
What if you're incapacitated?
How does anyone know who to call?
Do you have medical aid?
Which vaccinations have you had?
When did you have them?
When was your last doctor's visit?
Where are your last blood test results?
Does your family know your medical history?
Maintaining your own personal health record will not only provide more peace of mind, but your entire medical history - everything you' opted to enter - in seconds.

Is my information safe?

Yes - your information is transmitted over a secure connection, and any personally identifiable information is encrypted before adding it to the database. We have taken numerous security measures - some may even say unnecessary - to keep the site as safe and secure as possible.

Is any information compulsory?

No single piece of information is required for LiveTwice to function. That being said, basic medical information, emergency contacts and insurance information are highly recommended - as is a profile image. A profile image will help medics identify you in the event that there are no other ways to find out who you are.

Why should I share my profile?

When you share your profile with trusted friends, family or medical practitioners, they can view your profile even if you don't have your LiveTwice card or wearable on you, which could be a lifesaver in a medical emergency.

Do I need an app?

While apps have their advantages and disadvantages, LiveTwice is a mobile-friendly web-based service designed to work on a wide gamut of smartphones, tablets and computers.